The Madison Police Foundation is a nonprofit organization supported by the community to promote business and citizen participation in maintaining a safe community. As a link between the police and the public they serve, the foundation provides support beyond the realm of traditional resources allocated within the Madison City budget. As municipalities are faced with increasing costs and diminishing budgets, the Madison Police Foundation helps officers and the department to bridge those tough financial gaps.


The goal of the Madison Police Foundation is to provide funding for activities that promote the welfare, image, and safety of the City of Madison and its residents. As modern law enforcement tasks continue to become more complex, the Madison Police Department has increasing needs to stay current in training, technology and equipment, while maintain or increasing communication and partnership efforts with the community.

Revenue for the Madison Police Foundation comes in the form of donations and membership fees.  These funds allow the Madison Police Foundation to make donations to families of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty and the Foundation provides a $250,000 life insurance policy for each Madison police officer. The Foundation also supports Rape Aggression Defense classes, Kids Camp, Annual Golf Classic, and the Police Softball Team.