Letter from Chief Jernigan

Thank you for taking time to read and learn about the Madison Police Foundation. It is an outstanding non-profit organization, created and supported by Madison police officers and community members working in concert. The foundation started as a way to help finance programs and expenses not covered by Madison's budget. Since its conception, the foundation has developed into a police officer's support mechanism.  Today it supplies ongoing ancillary training for officers, supports department special functions and provides each sworn and animal officer a $250,000.00 life insurance policy, free of cost.


Although the Foundation is instrumental in providing funding for activities or training that enhances the welfare of Madison Officers, our primary goal is building relationships throughout the community. Many programs sponsored or supported by the Foundation have a significant impact on Madison residents, such as the Rape Aggression Defense Course, Madison Police Kid's Camp, and the Madison Citizen's Police Academy.


Each and every day, the men and women of the Madison Police Department serve and protect our community, while providing outstanding customer service to our citizens. The Foundation is dedicated to providing resources that are not covered in the City's budget to support the Madison Police Department and the community in which it serves. The Foundation is an ideal example of what can be achieved when our government, businesses, and community work together